Ron Kind Claims Conversation with Sheriffs Misrepresented, Sheriff Directly Refutes Him

For Immediate Release
October 26, 2020

Media Contact
Justin Giorgio

HAGER CITY, WI – During today’s debate, Ron Kind claimed his conversation, in which he lied to the 18 sheriffs of the 3rd District, is being misrepresented. 

Sheriff Joel Wener, who was on the call, has directly refuted Kind’s claims. Sheriff Wener knows Ron Kind lied because his vote would be politically unpopular.

Sheriff Joel Wener“Shortly after the riots in Minneapolis, Congressman Ron Kind held a conference call with sheriffs in Western Wisconsin, Congressman Kind told us that quote he had our backs and he was for law enforcement. I wish it was true. The very next day in Washington, Congressman Kind voted with Nancy Pelosi for a bill that would eliminate protections for my deputies and officers across Wisconsin while they’re on the job: qualified immunity.

But it’s worse than that. We found out Ron Kind was a co-sponsor of the bill! He signed on a week before he told us he had our backs. It was all politics.

To me, a man’s word is his bond, but Ron Kind doesn’t back our police.”